WE’D BE HEARING HYSTERICAL CRIES OF HORROR AND ANGUISH ABOUT ALEPPO’S HUMANITARIAN NIGHTMARE IF A REPUBLICAN WERE IN THE WHITE HOUSE: Medical aid group says 300,000 people face starvation in Aleppo, Syria. Remember Responsibility To Protect (R2P), hyped once upon a time by Obama Administration UN Ambassador Samantha Power? She used R2P as a media-academic weapon, portraying President George W. Bush as a benighted racist cowboy dummy for failing to intervene in Sudan’s Darfur war. Bush failed to lead and look at the disaster!!!!

At the link you’ll find a Samantha quote that the mainstream media appear to have forgotten:

In what perhaps could be seen as a preview of coming Obama administration policy was revealed during Samantha Power’s U.S. Senate confirmation hearing of July 17 (2013) when she stated, “We see the failure of the UN Security Council to respond to the slaughter in Syria – a disgrace that history will judge harshly.”

300,000 about to starve in Aleppo, Samantha, perhaps 400,000 already dead in the Syrian mess. Last month 51 US diplomats filed a dissent cable — perhaps they’ve seen enough history to feel the disgrace?

Forces loyal to the Assad dictatorship, supported by Russian strike aircraft, are attacking Aleppo. Recall in August 2013 the Assad regime attacked civilian neighborhoods with nerve gas, despite Obama’s “red line” warning. A motley collection of rebel groups is defending Aleppo. Some of the rebels have links to Islamist extremist organizations. However, VOA reports: “…Western-backed nationalist insurgents loosely grouped under the banner of the Free Syrian Army say they control the rebel-held part of the city.” Note that the VOA report quotes Samantha power as telling the UN Security Council that the attack by pro-Assad forces could have “potentially devastating consequences”…”Russia, as a co-sponsor of the cessation of hostilities, should use its influence on the regime to help stop these attacks,” Power said.”

In 2004, when you were bashing Bush about Darfur, you sure talked a big game, Samantha. US leadership! Bush must lead! It’s there, in print. Pretty harsh, huh?