THE RENEWABLE JOBS LIE: It’s one of many peddled by leftists. This column in Forbes, by James Taylor, fisks an article written by Allan Hoffman, a former Dept. of Energy bureaucrat who makes the claim that the renewable energy sector creates more jobs than conventional energy.

Renewable energy advocates often claim renewable energy creates more jobs than conventional energy, but such claims are based on deception and false comparisons. In reality, renewable energy isn’t even in the same universe of job creation as conventional energy.


Public policy officials, do not be duped. The next time somebody claims wind and solar power create more jobs than natural gas and other conventional energy sources, ask them for specific definitions and parameters of the job numbers cited. If they falsely claim the definitions and parameters are similar, call them on it. If they truthfully answer that the definitions and parameters do not match up, ask them why they are presenting deliberately misleading data.

Indeed, a first class fisking!