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NOT SURPRISING BUT STILL WRONG: JustTheNews published an investigative piece today that shows at least two well-funded and (duh) left-leaning groups are responsible for injecting climate hysteria into news and entertainment. It appears that no narrative is too silly for the MSM to barf out:

“Ahead of the Easter weekend, multiple media outlets reported that chocolate prices are soaring, and according to the coverage, the main culprit driving the inflating costs is climate change.”

There is no data at all that shows cocoa yields have dropped due to climate change, and NPR didn’t even bother to try and find supporting data.

The Guardian, AP, NPR and The Conversation are among the hundreds of media outlets associated with or listed as partners with an organization called Covering Climate Now (CCN), which encourages reporters to insert “climate crisis” narratives into all their stories.

Covering Climate Now charges nothing for membership. It’s supported by anti-fossil fuel groups such as the Park Foundation, the Waverly Street Foundation, and Actions@EBMF.  The group previously received funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, which had $5.2 billion in net assets in 2022, according to its tax filings, and funds many media organizations directly to advance the organization’s anti-fossil fuel message.

Worth noting is that these are the same media outlets who promote censorship and loudly decry “disinformation.” I suspect what they really mean is “disinformation is anything contrary to their narrative.”

Indeed, here’s the most insidious part:

“The group provides advice to reporters on all beats to not only insert a “climate crisis” narrative into every beat, but also how to cover the topic. This includes telling journalists not to platform what it calls “denialists,” which includes anyone who “ridicules” climate activists or suggests that climate change is not producing a global emergency.”

We have always been at war with Eastasia.