April 10, 2019

SYRIA’S CIVIL WAR CONTINUES: The chaos continues. Reuters reports suicide bombers disguised as farmers attacked a Syrian Army position north of the city of Hama.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Army continues to make indiscriminate attacks:

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors the eight-year-long war, says about 200 civilians have been killed by shelling and bombardment in the region since mid-February, the bulk of them by government attacks on rebel-held areas.

The Observatory said 10 people were killed in Tuesday’s attack in a “demilitarized” zone set up under the Turkish-Russian agreement.

Iranian proxies haven’t left. This podcast discusses Iranian proxy and mercenary operations in Syria.

Remember, Obama said Assad must go. Obama also imposed a “red line” forbidding the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime — then he failed to enforce it. Obama also allied with Russia in Syria –isn’t an alliance collusion of a type? Obama also gave Iran several billion — money that can be spent on mercenaries.

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