STEPHEN CARTER EXPLORES WHITE SUPREMACIST SITES so you don’t have to. He finds a lot of self-pity.

To those who are suffering, they offer succor. To those who are outcasts, they offer an explanation: The white race is being oppressed, and is in danger of extinction. Those feelings of being left out, they suggest, are being intentionally fomented. Every other race is encouraged to celebrate itself. Whites are encouraged only to feel guilty about themselves. They are blamed, the sites say, for all the world’s ills.

A message so framed might prove attractive to an angry and frustrated young white loner. It’s not his fault that he’s feeling isolated and hopeless, his new friends tell him. Those feelings are being imposed upon him by others.  And those others, the new recruit quickly learns, should be considered the enemy.

Not that different from the appeal that works for Islamic supremacists, minus the religious angle. Jane the Actuary has some thoughts on those parallels.