SAN FRAN DIVERSITY LOSS IS “CONCERNING”:  A new report finds that San Francisco’s racial and ethnic diversity is declining, as affluent whites flock back to the city, while minorities move out to the suburbs due to ever-increasing rent and other costs.  The report, “An Equity Profile of the San Francisco Bay Area,” by a group called PolicyLink, reads like a liberal/progressives’ dream, lamenting various inequalities between whites and non-whites, and concluding:

The Bay Area stands to gain a great deal from addressing racial inequities. The region’s economy could have been $117 billion stronger in 2012 if its racial gaps in income had been closed: a 32 percent increase.

Wow! So all we have to do is just pay minorities more, and the economy will improve! It’s magic!

The San Francisco Chronicle reporter muses:

So is San Francisco headed for a time when it becomes an affluent, white enclave surrounded by an ethnically diverse population?  “I saw that in the report, and it was definitely eyebrow raising,” says Fred Blackwell, CEO of the San Francisco Foundation, a community advocacy organization. “We may be entering into a kind of community crisis.” . . . A less diverse city “is not necessarily a self-fulfilling prophecy,” Blackwell said. “But it is concerning.”

So, let me get this straight:  If white people start moving back into a city, this is “concerning”?  And to stop this madness, the proffered solution is to raise wages for minority workers?  Because . . . #diversity!

RELATED:  Liberal/progressive San Franciscans (is there any other kind?) are also presently navel-gazing about the “loss” of diversity in San Francisco’s public schools.  The culprit?:

Dramatic income inequality, shifting demographics, rising housing costs and the proliferation of language programs are fueling the trend. But the biggest culprit, say outside researchers and local education leaders, is the feature that defines the student assignment system: school choice.

Yep, school choice– the one option that is available to minority parents, of any income, who wish to remove their children from failing public schools and improve their opportunities in life.  How dare they take their minority children out of failing schools– it reduces diversity.  They must stay in failing schools, because #diversity!