November 30, 2016

PRAISE BE, MISS NANCY RETAINED!: Pelosi, the perfect Democrat leader.

House Democrats elected Nancy Pelosi to another term as minority leader on Wednesday, rejecting a challenge from Rep. Tim Ryan, of Ohio, who called for a leadership shakeup after the party’s poor election performance.

Pelosi won with a little more than two-thirds of the vote, 134-63, a few weeks after she predicted that about two-thirds of the caucus would back her.

The early morning vote occurred in a House office building committee chamber. It was closed to the public and the media. Lawmakers made their choice via secret ballot. Pelosi’s victory came after a group of Democrats stood up and praised her as a strong leader who has kept the caucus united and who is “battle-tested, “seasoned,” and “tough.

Yes, she’s seasoned.

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