August 1, 2016

MARYLAND PROSECUTOR CONFRONTS BLOWBACK: Baltimore’s Marilyn Mosby “failed in her bid to put six cops in prison in connection with the racially-charged death of Freddie Gray.” Hmmm. Who added the racial charging, Marilyn? And don’t call me names for asking that, madam. The question’s totally fair, especially with your 0 for six bomb out. And don’t you spew the word “privilege.” You were the prosecutor — you had the power and the privilege. Did one of your political buddies provide the racial charging, Marilyn? Listen to me, Marilyn. Here’s a chance for you to grow up and get sane. Like, no decent person ever said black lives don’t matter, Marilyn. That’s gospel. All lives matter, Marilyn. Are you down with that now?… OK, everybody else, read the entire article. This George Washington University law professor John Banzhaf fellow seems to be a very astute gadfly — and a gadfly that gets good results…An additional good result would be bye bye Marilyn Mosby in Maryland politics.

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