June 21, 2017

TOO COZY, OR FLAT OUT CORRUPT? The AP reports that Jay Solomon, the Wall Street Journal’s Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent has been sacked:

The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday fired its highly regarded chief foreign affairs correspondent after evidence emerged of his involvement in prospective commercial deals — including one involving arms sales to foreign governments — with an international businessman who was one of his key sources.

The WSJ is staying mum on details, and the AP takes pains to be fair that “It was not clear whether Solomon ever received money or formally accepted a stake in the company”, but it underscores the temptation reporters face when they get too cozy with sources. This is not the first time the WSJ has faced this problem.

**Update: The “editors” at Yahoo News (giggle) don’t know the difference between the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. HINT: These buildings are not even in the same city. Layers and layers of fact-checkers, you know.

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