KOREA UPDATE: A very long post but information-rich.

An excerpt:

Amidst all the news about peace in Korea one bit of news got overlooked. In April it became known that another senior North Korean official had defected, apparently to a NATO (European) country. The defection apparently took place in February when a North Korean counter-intelligence officer named Kang, while stationed in northeast China, slipped away and took a lot of top secret documents with him. The North Korean government responded by ordering seven agents into China with orders to find Kang and execute him immediately. These seven agents failed, apparently because they were unable to obtain sufficient assistance from their Chinese counterparts. Another three more experienced and better financed agents were then sent after Kang, wherever he was, with the same “execute on sight” orders. That details of this case have been leaked indicates the Kang has arrived in a nation willing to grant asylum and also protect Kang from the North Korean assassins (who will always be out there for a defector of Kang’s stature.) Unfortunately colonel Kang’s family was not so lucky.

The Kim regime is brittle.

The post’s analysis of CVID (Complete, Verifiable, Irreversible Denuclearization) is excellent background. I’ll be writing about that in a couple of weeks.

Scroll way way down to the TODAY (May 22) section discussing the meeting between President Trump and South Korean President Moon.