November 5, 2017

JUST HEARD THE LIVE NEWS CONFERENCE ABOUT THE MASS MURDERS IN SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, TEXAS: The mass murders were another act of pure evil. According to a statement made during a live news conference introduced by Texas governor Greg Abbott, an armed citizen engaged the mass murderer outside the church. When fired upon, the evil murderer dropped his weapon and fled. Fascinating. Community defense by an armed citizenry. Let’s see how this information plays out in mainstream media. (bumped)

No link yet on press conference but I’m not sure that matters.

UPDATE: Range of age of murder victims runs from five to 72. Fox News now confirms 26 dead in the attack on the First Baptist Church of Sutherland, Texas. Fox News also confirms the murderer was a man named Devin Patrick Kelley. He shot two people outside the church before he entered the church sanctuary then shot and killed another 23 inside the church. The 26th person died of wounds. Police found Kelley dead in his vehicle after he fled his crime scene. At this moment authorities have not determined if Kelley died of a self-inflicted wound or died from shots fired by the armed citizen.

DEVELOPING MEME THAT CHALLENGES LEFTIST MAINSTREAM: The armed citizen who fired on the mass murderer is being described on Fox News as “a good Samaritan.” I agree. The as yet unnamed armed citizen was rendering aid to fellow human beings in life-threatening, life-taking circumstances. The armed citizen who engaged the murderer –engaged the murderer with bullets– was saving lives. Bullets saving lives. How will the mainstream media address this? Commenters, please, like the chorus you are, explain this evolving history. Will “An Armed Citizen’s Bullets That Are Protected By The Second Amendment Saved Lives” ever be a mainstream media headline?

UPDATE 2: How many people have to die before benighted Democrats like Barack Obama laud the Second Amendment?

UPDATE 3: The armed citizen is now being described as “a local resident.” OK, I buy it. This isn’t a Texas phenomenon. This is the physical display of an American civil right doing what it is intended to do. September 7, 1876 — the James-Younger gang attacks Northfield, Minnesota. Armed local residents defend their town against the thugs.

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