ILHAN OMAR’S REIGN OF ERROR: Powerline’s Scott Johnson titled his post “Reign of Terror,” and she certainly tried to terrorize Somalis in Minnesota. According to the post she succeeded — up to a point. Three people –Preya Samsundar, David Steinberg, and Scott– stayed on the case. Now the Daily Mail is scorching Omar internationally and one of Scott’s Minnesota Somali sources has emerged in public. Abdi Nur is a brave man.

Scott provides this quote:

“…She (Omar)lied through her teeth to elderly people who stood in line for hours to vote for their dreams which they saw in her…[T]his country is ours and we Love America. It is our job to defend it and I will do everything to protect it from someone who despises our country. We are united in all faiths and colors to continue to live together…”

Mr. Nur is a genuine resistance fighter. Read the whole thing.