March 29, 2019

HOMAGE TO YODA — ANDY MARSHALL: A superb reminiscence of the great American strategist by Andrew Krepinevich.

Aside from his towering intellect, Marshall’s success was rooted in his intense desire and abiding curiosity to understand what is really happening or, more simply, the truth. There was also his intellectual honesty, refreshing in an age where so many are driven by agendas and seek “ammunition” to support their views rather than insights to better understand a complex world. Another key to Marshall’s success—and to his enduring value to presidents of both political parties—was his willingness to reconsider his beliefs when they conflicted with the facts, and to challenge the conventional wisdom when it became apparent that it did not reflect the reality of the true state of affairs.

A bit more:

Marshall’s remarkable ability to anticipate shifts in the strategic environment became legendary over time.

Absolutely true. I had the privilege of working for Mr. Marshall as a special consultant in strategic war gaming. Read the entire essay.

UPDATE: The breakingdefense link worked initially. Thanks to a reader, we have this alternative link.

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