HILLARY GRILLED AT FBI HEADQUARTERS: The Washington Examiner reports Hillary’s campaign confirmed she’d met with FBI investigators at FBI HQ. At least one report on Friday claimed she’d arranged to meet investigators at her Washington home. Apparently not. Seems they brought her downtown for questioning  — an echo of a 1940s Hollywood cops and robbers flick.  However,  her campaign described her meet up as a “voluntary interview.” Hmmm. Hillary’s voluntary interview lasted three and a half hours. That sounds a lot like a grilling, doesn’t it? Perhaps not. But now even Hillary’s staff admits it’s a criminal investigation. Squish language spewed for media dissemination is classic Clinton. The Observer essay at the link surveys Hillary’s insistent use of rhetorical squish. Remember, she insisted the FBI investigation was an “inquiry?” It also documents a blatant example of a mainstream media outlet echoing her preferred lingo. The timing of Ms. Clinton’s FBI meet up also strikes me as negotiated. Her grilling occurred during a three-day holiday weekend–typically a burial ground for bad news. However, the Loretta Lynch-Bill Clinton Phoenix Airport Connivance was so sensationally corrupt even pro-Clinton mainstream media corpses can’t ignore this story.