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Grand Cayman, BWI. Morgan’s Harbor.


Grand Cayman, BWI. On the North End.


THE VIEW FROM MY WINDOW, 6:20 a.m. this morning.


Knoxville, Tennessee. On Market Square, taken yesterday when the Insta-Daughter and I were downtown for the Rossini Festival.


Knoxville, Tennessee. The Downtown Grill & Brewery.


Asheville, North Carolina. Looking like a better choice every day. . . .

Knoxville, Tennessee. In the era of hope and change!

Knoxville, Tennessee.

Farragut, Tennessee.

Knoxville, Tennessee. Naples Italian Restaurant.

Farragut, Tennessee.

Grand Cayman, BWI.

Grand Cayman, BWI. This is Lauren, a dive guide, who’s from New Zealand. When she posed, I asked her to “look intrepid.”

Grand Cayman, BWI. This is Georgetown Harbor, and as I mentioned earlier I did a couple of dives — Eden Rock and Cheeseburger Reef — within one or two hundred yards from this site and the reefs looked good.

Grand Cayman, BWI.

Grand Cayman, BWI. Bob McManus wrote asking for a picture of an “offshore tax haven.” That would be the whole island, I think, but most of that kind of thing goes on in these fairly unremarkable buildings in downtown Georgetown.

UPDATE: Dan Mitchell on why tax havens are good for the global economy. More here and here. (Via, er, Dan Mitchell, who also has a book on tax competition and why it’s good.)

Grand Cayman, BWI.

Grand Cayman, BWI.

Grand Cayman, BWI.

My Bar, Grand Cayman. Shot handheld with the Panasonic LX3.

Grand Cayman, BWI. Fidel Murphy’s Irish Pub.

Grand Cayman, BWI.

Asheville, North Carolina. Some Althouse-style cafe-photoblogging. No, I haven’t been back there — this is from the weekend trip last month.


Knoxville, Tennessee. Near the UT Student Center, on the site of the Ernest & Ellis Drug Store, which provided a memorable hangout for generations of students long before my time.


Asheville, North Carolina.