December 1, 2015

ADVANTAGE VDH: As Glenn noted earlier, the Washington Post’s Richard Cohen is but the latest leftwing columnist to finally admit that Obama wasn’t quite the Lightworker he and his fellow Democratic operatives with bylines fantasized in 2008. In the passage from his column quoted by Glenn, Cohen wrote:

“The presidency has changed Barack Obama. His hair has gone gray, which is to be expected, and he looks older, which is also to be expected, but his eloquence has been replaced by petulance and he has lost the power to persuade, which is something of a surprise. You can speculate that if the Obama of today and not Winston Churchill had led Britain in World War II, the Old Vic theater would now be doing ‘Hamlet’ in German.”

Yes you could — and Victor Davis Hanson did exactly that in his October 18th column:

Winston Churchill, well before he became prime minister in May 1940, was busy all through 1939 prompting the British government to prepare for war — and then, as first lord of the Admiralty, helping to direct it once it broke out. But what if Churchill had been Barack Obama? What would Britain’s foremost opponent of appeasement have been like?

The Munich Agreement

Obama-Churchill might have said something like the following in regards to the 1938 Munich Agreement.

“We live in a complex world and at a challenging time. And none of these challenges lend themselves to quick or easy solutions, but all of them require British leadership. If we stay patient and determined, then we will, in fact, meet these challenges. The Munich Agreement is a comprehensive government agreement.  It is the first that actually constrains Nazi Germany from further aggression, and one whose provisions are transparent and enforceable. It is a sober and judicious way to preclude war and to bring Germany back into the family of nations and to become a credible regional power, while allowing the German people to express their legitimate aspirations.”

Doesn’t that sound very much like Obama’s vaporous rhetoric uttered while fighting hitting ISIS hard via a global warming agreement and a gala Parisian luncheon?

It wasn’t one of my most detailed Photoshops illustrating VDH’s article, as I did it on my laptop in a hotel room while traveling instead of my 24 gigs of RAM dual monitor HAL 9000 at home, (where I would have made the Churchill’s expansive body a bit more proportional to Obama’s gaunt face), but I think it got the point across:


Was VDH’s article floating around Cohen’s subconscious when he wrote the above passage, or as the kids like to say on the Interwebs, do great minds think alike?

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