February 26, 2017

ADDING TO GLENN’S PRIOR POST: The Walther PPK is a very wearable solution for feminine defense. Now, my admiration for the truly gifted designer John Browning has no bounds. Why, my favorite John Browning creation, the M2HB .50 caliber machine gun, is an absolute work of beauty, an exquisite design, appropriate for all but the most heavily armored occasions. Yet it’s a helluva thing to lug. Ladies, you’d need a three-person purse to deploy it, plus an ammo team. On the other hand, Ma Deuce is an all-American accessory item (with a tough gal name) that makes a statement the bad guys (from Hitler to ISIS) understand.

RELATED: The Forever Machine Gun. I should have included this background information on Ma Deuce in my original post.

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