In response to AOC’s preposterously bratty shot at AIPAC, the organization responded, correctly, that polling definitively shows American voters to be pro-Israel and therefore members of Congress are responding to their constituents, not fear of Jewish money.

To that, Ocasio-Cortez shot back: “If AIPAC positions were so popular, they’d be free. Instead, they’re bought.” Ocasio-Cortez posted that last night, but I am writing this now because I have only just stopped laughing at her attempt at wit. Not with. At.

In fact, AIPAC’s positions are unquestionably popular on the whole—even AOC is capable of seeing that. But the overall point that campaign donations represent only unpopular opinions is ironic given that, as others pointed out to her, AOC is no fundraising lightweight. If her position is that she is bought and paid for, and therefore she assumes that to be true of others—well, that is quite the projection, but please leave the American Jewish community out of it.

At this point, Ocasio-Cortez essentially exists to live-tweet a 2024 adaptation of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. It’s Henry Ford-ism for the TikTok generation. Her comments earned her unqualified praise from white nationalists such as Nick Fuentes, because anti-Semitism is less an ideology than it is a mind-virus. The similarities between Ocasio-Cortez and Fuentes are far more pronounced than are their differences. The political coalition the two share is not terribly popular on a national level. But its amplification by likeminded media and loudmouthed activists is degrading to American politics and society.

Speaking of which: Birds of a Feather: LOL! Nick Fuentes Praises AOC for Being America First and She Just Can’t DEEEAL.

Seems Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has an infamous new fan … a fan who clearly appreciates her and her obvious hatred of all things Israel.

Nick Fuentes.

You guys, this is like the most Twitchy thing EVER.

AOC has become one of the groyper’s favorites.


“Notice she didn’t mention anything about antisemitism or how much white supremacists hate the Jews. Fascinating.”


She’s really bristling at being associated with Fuentes, and yet:

AOC Joins the Left’s Swelling Ranks of Anti-Semites with Corbyn Endorsement.

AOC rocks Black Panthers shirt, touts group’s free food program.

AOC chief of staff criticized for wearing shirt touting Nazi collaborator:

As one wag joked on Twitter in 2019, “Look just because she’s favorably comparing herself to the lady that Franco liked a lot who sheltered Mengele doesn’t mean… OK, I forgot where I was doing with this.”

(Classical reference in headline.)