THE LEDE SAYS IT ALL: “Pro-Palestine activists are calling the shots at UCLA…”

JustTheNews has an infuriating story up about how the publicly-funded school actually established a “Jew Exclusion Zone.” The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty is representing three Jewish students who were actively blocked.

Reacting to this madness, Becket CEO and President Mark Rienzi said:

“If masked agitators had excluded any other marginalized group at UCLA, [California] Governor [Gavin] Newsom rightly would have sent in the National Guard immediately,” but instead UCLA “allowed its Jewish students to be segregated from the heart of their own campus.”

Whose brilliant idea was this? Names. I want names.

Indeed, if some kids go hooning on a “pride stripe” crosswalk they’re treated like Nazis due to be hunted down.

Does UCLA have any idea who the real Nazis are?
Perhaps we should set up crowd-funding to buy them mirrors.