ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: NYT, WaPo Team Up to Destroy Incoming WaPo Editor.

What Post staffers are angry about is the very idea of newsroom reforms. These spoiled and entitled fascists believe they have the RIGHT to continue lying to the public to stop Trump. They also believe owner Jeff Bezos should drop $100 million a year to honor that right.

Apparently, Lewis and Winnett think differently. At the very least, we know the Trump-haters at the Post and New York Times believe Winnett might institute some serious reforms. Why else would the Post be running stories like this…?

Headline: “Incoming Post editor tied to self-described ‘thief’ who claimed role in his reporting”…

Sub-headline: “Unpublished book drafts and other documents raise questions about Robert Winnett’s journalistic record just months before he is to assume a top newsroom role.”

* * * * * * * *

For anyone who hates the corporate media, it does not get any more glorious than this. And trust me, this has zero to do with “journalistic credibility” or “integrity.” For crying out loud, let’s not forget that the New York Times and then CNNLOL hired the disgraced Mark Thompson to run their shops. Thompson is credibly accused of looking the other way for years as the late Jimmy Savile allegedly abused countless children at the BBC. There were no internal hit pieces on Thompson, though. Why? Because Thompson’s smart. He makes it clear that he has no intention of reforming anything.

But like I said, this is good news. No one should want any reforms at the Washington Post. The Post has no credibility. The Post can no longer move the public opinion needle. That’s right where we want them. That annual $77 million loss is merely icing.

According to John Podhoretz during a recent Commentary podcast, the Times apparently makes enough money from services such as its cooking site and Wordle to survive its loss of readers. (And the vacation trips to fun-filled places like Iran!) The Post doesn’t (yet?) have that sort of ancillary income. Good luck righting the ship, fellas, when the young staffers are deliberately sabotaging their incoming boss.