MARK JUDGE: A New York Times Book Reviewer “Longs” for Me. So Why Won’t She Touch My Book?

So let’s see if I have this straight. The New York Times will review a bad book I wrote in 1997, offer it some faint praise, then have that faint praise butchered by a reporter  — who is walking arsenic — for the Los Angeles Times. The New York Times (and Los Angeles Times and Washington Post) will then all refuse to touch The Devil’s Triangle, a 2022 book that has important historical and cultural meaning and answers every question the Stasi media bombarded me with in 2018.  Then, in the copy of a different book entirely that attacks me, New York Times reviewer Alexandra Jacobs expresses longing for me. She is the same reviewer who refuses to download my book and read it.

Adhering to leftist orthodoxy can sure get confusing.

Confusing for the Democratic party stenographer, but usually pretty simple for the reader: