GOODER AND HARDER CALIFORNIA: “I hold a million cards in your game of woke victimology poker, and when I leave California maybe you’ve lost your f***ing mind:”

Celebrity fitness trainer Jillian Michaels says she moved away from California because its move to the left got ‘too crazy’ for her.

Michaels moved with her wife DeShanna Marie Minuto and adopted kids Lukensia, 14, and Phoenix, 12, from Los Angeles, where she grew up, to Miami in June 2021.

She previously said the last straw was when her home was broken into by an intruder with ‘duct tape and a video camera’ who was let out of jail due to Covid.

Michaels frequently blames Governor Gavin Newsom for what she doesn’t like about California, and expanded on that theme on Sage Steele’s podcast.

The former reality TV star is the latest in a line of celebrities including Elon Musk and Sean Hannity to move from liberal-leaning states like New York and California to Republican-run ones like Florida and Texas that have no state income tax.

During the interview, Michaels told Steele:

California got too crazy for me. This is my parting line: I grew up here I’m a woman. I’m a gay woman. My mom’s a Jew. My dad’s an Arab. I have a black kid. And believe it or not, my son is half Latin even though he doesn’t look like it.

I hold a million cards in your game of woke victimology poker, and when I leave California maybe you’ve lost your f***ing mind. Just maybe! Like, when you have me running from home, maybe it’s gone waaay too far!

Steele: What was the line?

Michaels:  What was it? Girl there’s not enough time! And you know, I actually take this line from Bill [Maher] and Elon Musk, and they’re like I actually haven’t changed, the world around me is shifting and I haven’t moved.

So, some of these laws that are passing here, are absolutely f***ing mindboggling. In relation to crime, [and] protecting our kids. We’re decriminalizing everything, which arguably I would probably be okay with but we’re not regulating any of it.

So it’s like, okay you’re going to decriminalize sex work, but only so women can legally loiter on the streets. Not to keep them safe, not to have them pay taxes, not to make them, you know, regularly check for STDs, not to take away the pimps out of the equation. If you made that argument to me, I’d be like, well yes, of course! I mean, I could be liberal, I could go there with you, I grew up this way.

But [then] when it’s like what we’re going to do is we’re going to pass a law for LGBTQ rights, so that 24-year-old men can sleep with 14-year-old boys and not have to register as a sex offender, ‘cause it’s just not fair to the gays. I’m like What? What?! I don’t know if you saw that one, I think it was early 2020 when they passed that law. So I was like, if a 24 year old man touches my 14-year-old son, oh, I I will get a gun and take matters into my own hands. Are you f***ing kidding?

At the PJM Mothership, Steve Green adds: You Won’t Believe Who California Is ‘Too Woke’ for Now.

One big way the state had gone too far for Michaels is children being given “off-label cancer drugs to irreparably change their body,” as she put it.

“If my son came to me and said, ‘Mom’ — or my daughter — ‘I think I’m trans’. I’d say okay, you want to dress this way, You want me to call you whatever the heck you want… fine, explore it. I love you… but we’re not changing your body until it’s fully developed. I’m sorry. Conversation’s over.”

According to the Daily Mail, last week Michaels even “enthusiastically celebrated the American College of Pediatricians calling on other medical groups to stop promoting puberty blockers, hormone drugs and gender surgery to children.”

Michaels’ parenting methods and beliefs might not be yours or mine, but there’s no doubt that she’s a caring, protective mom — and that being a good mom was becoming impossible in Gavin Newsom’s California.

Curiously, as Steve writes, “Michaels and her family live happily in Ron DeSantis’s Florida, even though the Mainstream Media assures me that the governor recently signed legislation making it legal there to hunt gays for sport.”

Full interview here:

Related: And speaking of California getting even crazier: L.A. Removes ‘No U-Turn’ Signs Because They Are Homophobic.

In their ever-expanding efforts to wipe out all vestiges of common sense, Los Angeles is removing ‘No U-Turn” signs from a gay neighborhood because, supposedly, they were put up to deter gays from cruising for sex on the streets.

I do not know nor care about the history behind the signs. There is a rational basis for wanting to prevent anybody from cruising for anonymous sex on the streets. Having people walk the streets advertising their availability for sexual encounters in cars is not only disgusting but damaging to the health of any community. Whether they are gay, straight, bi, or goats is hardly the point.

But this is California, which decriminalized street walking and even allowed residential neighborhoods to be taken over by prostitutes advertising their wares on the streets.

So Los Angeles is removing (some) U-Turn signs for homophobia, and Oakland is removing (some) traffic lights and replacing them with stop signs because the homeless are stealing the copper wire that powers them and/or tapping into their electricity supplies. Hey, remember that Welcome Wagon program we mentioned periodically from time to time? Might politicians in red states want to jump-start that idea again sometime soon?