IT’S COME TO THIS: Passenger Pulled Off Of Plane For Having Too Much To Drink Offers Cops Sex To Avoid Arrest.

Officers were called to the airport about a flight attendant who had been assaulted by a passenger.  When they boarded the plane, they found a woman who appeared to be intoxicated.  She had been moved to the front of the plane and was slumped over in her mom’s lap with zip-tie handcuffs on.

Officers were able to get her off of the plane with the use of a wheelchair.  Her mom admitted that her daughter had several drinks throughout the day.  She had a couple of shots before boarding and was packing several mini-bottles of booze on the plane.

While the woman’s mom was being interviewed, she was busy going from being upset with the officers to flirting with them.  She apologized, threatened to fight them, then said, “So what I’m going to do is, I’m going to make out with you.”

From there, the woman gets a lot more graphic.  She seems to think that offering up some services to the officers is going to help her avoid the inevitable trip to jail.

Stories like this are why we can’t have nice things: Oh God, What If Congress Bans Drinking on Airplanes?

As anyone who has traveled by plane in the last decade can attest, one of the few—perhaps only—things that make modern commercial flying tolerable is a strong onboard libation. For those lucky enough to travel internationally, the booze is sometimes even free. But could this last vestige of mile-high sanity be snatched from us like a water bottle at an airport security checkpoint?

While they would have been amazed at the concept of man-made flight, the Founding Fathers would not approve: How drunk were the Founding Fathers? Revolutionary-era Americans could drink you under the table.

Well, maybe not Steve. But they could definitely give the rest of us a run for our money.