CHANGE: Panic stations for Democrats as tech titans raise millions for Trump.

Silicon Valley appears to be turning on Joe Biden and the Democrats as a major fundraising event raised millions for Donald Trump in San Francisco on Thursday.

The event, hosted by prominent venture capitalist David Sacks and investment firm founder Chamath Palihapitiya, shows a major shift in sentiment within an industry once seen as staunchly liberal – potentially causing worries for the Democrats.

Sacks, a partner of Craft Ventures and former COO of PayPal, opened the doors of his Pacific Heights home for the fundraiser, where tickets sold for a hefty $50,000 per head, with an exclusive $300,000 tier offering perks such as a photo opportunity with Trump – and $500,000 per couple.

The event was expected to rake in a staggering $12 million for Trump’s campaign, a success for the Republican candidate, despite his recent legal troubles.

Despite or because of?