MORE PROOF THAT THEY ARE IDIOTS AT THE WASHINGTON POST: The good professor highlighted Ann Althouse’ posting here on Jennifer Rubin’s idiocy w/r/t the Trump Verdict.

Rubin, like so many, don’t have the brains (or law degree) to understand WTF they are talking about. In fact, publishers survive largely because the concept of independent appellate review in certain cases allows a “do over” in the appellate process, even holding the authority to review — and potentially reverse –a jury verdict. For a good walk-through example, see Harte-Hanks Communs. v. Connaughton, 491 U.S. 657 (1989). From the syllabus:

“The evidence contained in the record reveals that the jury should have found the defendant liable, since multiple witnesses refuted the allegation published in the newspaper, and the newspaper failed to consult Connaughton’s own testimony or the evidence of other key witnesses. While the appellate court reached the proper conclusion, Stevens felt the need to remind courts in this situation to examine the record more carefully in the future.”

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The creator of this meme should include journalists and editorialists.