OLD AND BUSTED: Defund the Police.

The New Hotness? Lock ’em up libs run the Democratic Party.

There’s a lot of money and some activist passion on the Left behind prosecutors who value mercy over vengeance, but most of the energy on that side these days is behind locking up the “bad people.”

Alvin Bragg ran for district attorney on the promise of prosecuting former President Donald Trump — and won. Think about that for a moment. A Democratic politician campaigned on the promise of locking up the chief rival to the president of the United States. Then he brought an extremely thin case based on an unproven legal theory.

It’s banana republic stuff, but it’s also part of a broader trend: the prosecutorial fervor on the Left today.

Right up to the DNC-MSM’s favorite D-Day soldiers:

Or as America’s Newspaper of Record quipped in early October: FBI Stops By Antifa Riot To Ask If They’ve Seen Any Dangerous MAGA Around.