GOODER AND HARDER: California Has Sacrificed its Energy Stability on the Altar of Green Energy ideology.

Governor Gavin Newsom and the legislature have not shied away from doubling down on their green energy crusade, enshrining in law mandates that 60% of the state’s electricity generation be renewable by 2030 and a staggering 90% by 2035. However, the glaring irony lies in the fact that many of these politicians will be long gone and termed out of office by the time these mandates become a reality, conveniently avoiding any accountability for the unattainable goals they set.

Meanwhile, nuclear energy, a proven and reliable zero-emission source, has been relegated to the back burner, shunned by the environmentalists who have the full attention of the majority party. Nuclear energy’s share of electricity generation has dwindled to a mere 8%. Even more frustrating, hydroelectric power, a historically dependable and cost-effective source, has been left to wither, with dams either languishing or being shuttered entirely.

In a desperate bid to try to please everyone, lawmakers thought it would be a good idea to propose a solution to base electricity bills on income. This quick fix is like putting a Band-Aid on a massive wound. It is not dealing with the problems causing our electricity bills to skyrocket: there’s not enough power to go around, and we are relying too much on expensive renewable energy sources. This half-baked solution might make things worse, creating even more shortages and higher prices, making people feel there is no point in trying to save energy if their costs are going to continue to rise.

While PG&E certainly bears culpability for its deferred maintenance and negligence in improving transmission lines, the lion’s share of the blame rests squarely on the shoulders of the state itself, which has crafted a regulatory framework that prioritizes renewables at the expense of reliability. By neglecting nuclear, hydroelectric, and gas-powered plants, California has effectively sacrificed its energy stability on the altar of green energy ideology.

It is time for California’s leaders to wake up from their green energy fantasy and refocus their efforts on restoring reliable sources like dams, nuclear facilities, and gas plants. This reckless green energy experiment has only served to drive prices skyward, squander taxpayer dollars, and leave consumers in the dark —literally and figuratively. It is time to put pragmatism ahead of ideology and prioritize affordability and reliability in our energy policy for the betterment of all Californians.

Good luck turning the Titanic around. California has been pursuing its green fantasies ever since Jerry Brown replaced Gov. Reagan in 1975, and as a result imports 26% of the energy it needs. (And has for some time; City Journal ran the headline “California’s Potemkin Environmentalism” back in 2008.)

No wonder Steve Hayward recently dubbed the state “The North Korea of the USA.” As he wrote, “Never mind the social tyranny the state has attempted to impose, such as strict vaccine mandates, legal sanctions for anyone who dissents from transgender ideology or uses the wrong pronoun, and attempted legal penalties for any physicians who dissent from official Covid ideology. Stick with just economics.”