WHO ARE YOU GOING TO BELIEVE? ME, OR YOUR LYING EYES? An enormous trove of documents — 3.3 million pages of emails, bank records, and corporate memos — has been obtained by Just the News that prove what you already knew: Joe Biden flat-out lied repeatedly about never having met with his son’s business partners:

“Biden has consistently denied any involvement with Hunter’s Chinese business associates, and an incurious U.S. media refused to delve into it. For his part, Hunter Biden called the issue part of the “Trump attack machine.” Pro-Biden media outlets like Politico parroted the White House’s line that the laptop was part of a “Russian Disinformation” scheme.”

But the real news here is that the FBI knew about the meetings between President Biden and his son’s business partners as long ago as 2016. That knowledge came to their attention when the feds were investigating Hunter’s partner and his role in a fraudulent bond-selling racket:

“FBI, IRS, and Securities and Exchange Commission agents collected [the documents] in 2015 and 2016 with subpoenas during a criminal investigation into a fraudulent bond scheme involving a Native-American tribe.”

We keep hearing brainwashed deniers like Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., bleat repeatedly that “there is no evidence” of the President knowing about Hunter’s deals, let alone meeting with Hunters partners.

We’ll see if the incurious mainstream media actually follow up on Just The News‘ reporting. Founder and Editor-in-Chief John Solomon has promised to assemble a data-diving team to find out what else is in the mountain of documents, which were not obtained from Hunter’s laptop. So, if you think this is an important issue, I’d suggest adding Just the News to your bookmark bar and make it part of your daily reading. They are doing some pretty darned fearless work.

Here’s the question I’m left with: Does Team Biden’s gaslighting actually work? His surrogates — in government and the media — constantly chant “no evidence, no evidence.” Do they really believe it? And more importantly, does the working class guy in a swing state who breaks his back in a warehouse or factory to put food on the table and being able to afford eyeglasses for his kids buy it?

It’s too easy to call Mophead Pierre and Jamie Raskin idiots. While that may be true, I guess the question that sticks with me is: “How can anybody adopt Biden’s lies” with a straight face? Are they truly brainwashed, or are they so hateful and disingenuous that they’ll say anything?

I know, I know: “Embrace the power of ‘and.'”

** DISCLOSURE: I act as an editorial and legal advisor to JTN.**