JIM TREACHER: Ireland Is a Cesspool of Antisemitism.

I’m allowed to say the following because I’m Irish. We get to say it about each other. Except this time, the N-word is “Nazi.”

Ireland, Norway, and Spain are now recognizing a country that does not exist and never has.

So: Hamas butchers and rapes a bunch of innocent people, diligently documents it all on livestream video, and now the world is supposed to hand them a state? Please take that idea and stuff it up your bottom with a broom handle till your tonsils ache.

It’s official: Antisemitism is mainstream, and nobody cares because none of these guys are wearing MAGA hats.

The left and the right both have a big antisemitism problem. They’ve both got a bunch of weirdos who hate Jews and are always finding reasons to blame them for everything. The difference is that the right shuns and belittles their loathsome antisemites, while the left sends theirs out in a suit and tie to address the entire world.

It ain’t just Ireland, of course. Biden is currently coddling the Jew-haters in his own party because he desperately needs their votes.

And yet he’s still moaning about Charlottesville in 2017. “Oh, can you believe those Nazis? Look how much they hate the Jews!”

Which is true. What’s also true is that you never saw any of those idiots again.

Seriously, who even are those dumb hillbillies? What are they doing now? It’s been seven years. Who are they influencing? Why should I care?

In sharp contrast, the Corbynization of the Democratic Party goes all the way to the (p)resident’s handlers: Of Course: Biden Was Plotting With Iran Against Israel.