MAYBE NOT THE HEROES WE DESERVE BUT THE HEROES WE NEED: Is the Spring of Anti-Israel Riots Transforming Into Based Frat Boy Summer?

Anti-Israel protesters replaced the American flag on the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s quad with a Palestinian flag on April 30. Police restored the American flag, and then about 30 members of the fraternity Pi Kappa Phi stood around the flag, defending it from anti-Israel protesters as they attempted to take it down again.

Videos of the brave frat boys spread online, and Americans cheered the patriotic young men.

Leaders from both sides of the aisle celebrated the fraternity brothers.

“Protecting the American flag is admirable,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said of the young men’s actions. “It is not right to forcefully take down the American flag to replace it with another flag.”

When even the Biden White House is trying to get out in front of a story, no matter how personally distasteful some of them might find it, you know there’s a groundswell.