WHAT COULD GO WRONG?: The Times of Israel has an important piece about how the Biden administration wants to end the war in Gaza with Hamas still in place and intact. The article is filled with delusionary statements, on and off the record, by administration officials, but if you can imagine the dumbest think Biden State Department spokesman Matthew Miller might have said about Gaza, it still won’t be as dumb as what he actually said, apparently reflected administration policy:

Notably, the US has signaled its tepid support for China’s recent efforts to strike a long-elusive deal between Hamas and Fatah. “If China wanted to play a productive role in bringing this conflict to an end, that is something that we would welcome,” Miller said last week.

It was bad enough that the Obama administration let Russia have free reign in Syria. But *inviting* China to gain influence in Gaza? Are they completely insane?

My best guess here is that they are expecting wall-to-wall pro-Hamas craziness from now until November from the leftist base, and are so desperate to get the conflict to end and focus on the messaging the Biden campaign wants, that they are willing to invite America’s greatest geo-political rival to take up residence right on Israel and Egypt’s doorstep. Which, ironically, is exactly the sort of thing they accuse Trump of doing.