IT’S GOOD TO BE IN THE NOMENKLATURA: Arrogant DA refuses to stop for cops after being caught speeding because she ‘didn’t feel like it’ and ‘doesn’t really care.’

An arrogant New York District Attorney refused to stop for a cop after she was caught speeding because she ‘didn’t feel like it’ and was stressed from dealing with murders all day.

Monroe County DA Sandra Doorley had a tense interaction with a Webster police officer on Monday after the cop tried to pull her over for driving 55 miles per hour in a 35 miles per hour zone.

Bodycam footage shows the heated exchange – in which Doorley said ‘I didn’t feel like stopping on Phillips Road at 5:30.’ The officer responded ‘That’s not your choice… you know that.’ Doorley quipped back ‘I made it my choice.’

According to Doorley, instead of pulling over at the time she decided to call Webster Police Chief Dennis Kohlmeier to say she was not a threat and would talk to the officer back at her house.

As the officer informs her that she made the situation a bigger deal than it needed to be by refusing to pull over, Doorley can be heard responding with ‘just write me the traffic ticket.’

The officer reminded her that it was no longer just a traffic ticket – and that not complying with an officer’s order to stop and pull over is an ‘arrestable offense.’

Doorley explained that she didn’t see the point in pulling over when she was so close to her driveway. ‘I thought it would be easier. I was wrong,’ she said.

As she refuses to step outside her garage, she hands the cop the phone to speak with the police chief telling him ‘leave me alone, this is ridiculous’.

The officer can be heard telling her: ‘What do you want us to do? Not do our job because it is you? You broke another law because of that. You should know better.’

Footage of Doorley reminding voters that there are two classes of people in America. Don’t try this if you see red lights in your rearview mirror:

I’m pretty sure that Mike Judge didn’t intend for Office Space to be a how-to guide for good government: