CHRIS QUEEN: Adventures in Bourbonland, Part 3.

But the real magic happened after the tasting was over. The employee told us about one of the bourbons (which I would’ve tried if I’d heard the story before) that the company believes is the only bourbon using the original Old Crow recipe. They call it ¡Cuervito Vivo! (The Little Crow Lives!).

Here’s where the story gets even better. Glenns Creek received a cease-and-desist letter not too long ago, but it wasn’t from Jim Beam, the current owner of the Old Crow brand. The letter came from Jose Cuervo, which wants Glenns Creek to avoid the Cuervito branding, even though Jose Cuervo makes tequila and not bourbon. Oddly enough, Jim Beam sent Jose Cuervo a trademark warning in 2011 over the crow in its branding.

After hearing that story, Matt and I both had to buy a bottle of ¡Cuervito Vivo! It was our way of sticking it to the man.

On our way out the door, another employee met us in the parking lot and struck up a conversation. When he asked us what we bought, we told him about our ¡Cuervito Vivo! rebellion. I told him that I was going to work the story into one of my columns, so he asked me who I write for. When I told him, he revealed to us that he’s a somewhat regular PJ Media reader as well as a volunteer in GOP politics and Tea Party activism in Kentucky.

Heh, indeed. Read the whole thing.™