TRUNALIMUNUMAPRZURE! Biden, 81, suffers ANOTHER embarrassing gaffe as his attempt to brand Trump untrustworthy spectacularly backfires at Florida rally.

President Joe Biden suffered another gaffe during a speaking event as he tried to paint his opponent, former President Donald Trump, as untrustworthy.

Biden, at 81 years old, the oldest president in American history, appeared before supporters at a community college in Tampa, one week before Florida bans abortions past six weeks.

He called out Trump, his 2024 general election opponent, as the sole person responsible for the ‘cruelty and chaos’ that’s occurred after the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

However, when he did so, he accidentally asked: ‘How many times does he have to prove we can’t be trusted?’

ABC News tried to cover for the president, replacing the word ‘we’ with ‘he’ in describing the speech, though he was clearly heard saying ‘we.’

The House of Stephanopoulos airbrushing fellow Democrats? I’m shocked, shocked!