XI’S GOTTA HAVE IT: Xi Jinping calls for China’s biggest military reorganization since 2015.

With an intention to expand its military capabilities, China terminated the Strategic Support Force and in turn created a new branch called the Information Support Force. This provides China with the ability to bolster its capabilities in several areas including cyber warfare, Xinhua News reported.

It is important to note that Beijing’s now-terminated Strategic Support Force was created more than eight years ago with the aim of enhancing capabilities in space, cyber, political and electronic warfare.

China’s defence ministry maintained that the aerospace and cyber units previously under the Strategic Support Force will now be organizationally parallel to the newly created Information Support Force.

The aerospace unit is expected to improve China’s capability to use space and step up the management of space crises.

While announcing the new re-organisation, Xi reiterated the Communist Party’s leadership over the army.

Xi’s leadership over the CCP required no reiteration.