I NEED ANOTHER FAVOR:  I know I’ve been a terrible blogger.  Loyal readers know why:  I am all wrapped up with trying to defeat Assembly Constitutional Amendment 7 (“ACA7”)–the newest effort to gut the California Constitution’s prohibition on preferential treatment based on race, sex, or ethnicity (put there by Proposition 209 in 1996).  ACA7 is currently pending in the Senate where my fellow volunteers and I  have a good chance to kill it.  If we fail, it will go on the November ballot and I will have to spend even more time on it.  (Ugh.)

If you’re interested in learning more, here is my essay for City Journal.

There is a dead simple thing you can do to help if you have a Twitter/X account.  Just like and retweet these two twits, tweets, … I mean posts.  I know it sounds absurd to think something like that can make a difference, but you’d be surprised.  The posts are “tagged” to the senators that we believe we have the greatest chance of persuading.  We only need six Democrats, and we already probably have two. I am encouraged that if we make a bit more noise, the Senate will find something some other way to torture their fellow Californians.

Think of it this way:  If I fail to stop ACA7 in the Senate and it goes on the ballot, I will have to ask you for real money ($$$) to fight it.  I’m sure you don’t want that.  Let’s try to kill it now on the cheap.

On the other hand, if this gets taken care of before July, I will get back to writing my book full time (with a little time left over to blog).

((By the way, these are not the best photos of our little Orange County protest, but they are the ones tagged to the most Senators, so they are the best ones to like and retweet/repost.))