CRISIS BY DESIGN: Migrants found hiding in southern New Mexico middle school.

The latest incident happened last week.

According to the Gadsden Independent School District, there was another incident that occurred on March 20.

“Being that those schools are so close to the border. The proximity of the border, these types of events happen weekly,” said Refugio Socorro, a spokesperson with U.S. Border Patrol.

KOAT headed to the border wall and discovered an area called “The Anarpa Gap” an opening in the border wall about 5 miles from the school.

“A lot of people in that area that try to evade arrest from our apprehensions do have a criminal history or have immigration issues. So that’s the reason why they just take off running and go through locations they’re not even familiar with,” said Corrales.

A Santa Teresa Middle School mom who did not want to be identified told KOAT she gets nervous for her child’s safety.

She’s clearly nervous about more than her child’s safety.