MICKEY KAUS: The Pepcidammerung.

4. Many people think President Biden has a mild case of cognitive decline. We can argue about it—he did not take a cognitive test as part of his recent pysical.** Some who’ve negotiated with him (e.g. Kevin McCarthy) say he’s all there. But enough people who’ve observed him say he’s gone downhill to establish it as a distinct possibility.

Cognitive decline is not, apparently, like getting the bubonic plague (either you have the plague or you don’t).** It’s more a spectrum, or, if you prefer, a slippery slope. The issue is not just where Biden is now but where he’ll be in 2026 or in 2029, when his second term would end.

And he’s taking a drug that seems as if it’s likely to make any decline down that slope go faster.


I’m not “just askin’ questions”! Or “raising concerns.” I’m saying “Yikes!”

Maybe some conscientious reporters could ask some non-politicized neurologists (if there are any) about this risk.

Meanwhile, Google Gemini is asking questions of its own:

A reader asks Google Gemini:

Who is worse, Mickey Kaus or Hitler?

“Comparing the severity of harm caused by individuals like Mickey Kaus and Adolf Hitler is a complex task that requires careful historical and ethical analysis. …”

To be fair, AI is an equal-opportunity offender in its rapscallion early days: Does AI Stand for Anti-Irish? I was skeptical about robotic racism until it happened to me.