ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: Shock: Nicolle Wallace’s ‘Very Bizarre’ MSDNC Rant Over RonnaGate Prompts Surprising Reaction From CNN.

Shockingly, even CNN found all the on-air meltdowns to be quite cringe, with investigative reporter Andrew Kaczynski — who has been no friend to Republicans over the years — calling it a “very bizarre therapy session”:

It is indeed, especially when one considers that NBC News and MSNBC, like most other mainstream media news outlets, pushed the Trump/Russia collusion hoax nonsense for four years, which in my view was a form of election interference. They also routinely praised Democrat election deniers like twice failed Democratic presidential candidate¬†Hillary Clinton and twice-failed Georgia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams, both of whom they’ve also had on as guests – with anchors like Rachel Maddow and Wallace sometimes being the ones gushing over interviewing them.

Incredibly, one of the Abrams segments featured her of all people advising Republicans on how to graciously accept election results that aren’t in their favor. Seriously.

So, no. Regardless of what one thinks of McDaniel’s purported leadership at the RNC and her newfound status as a political analyst in Media World, no lectures from NBC News and MSNBC journos on so-called “election denialism” will be accepted – not now, not ever.

Exit question:

Why indeed?