SOD OFF SWAMPY: Climate Dork Shoved To Ground After Confronting Senator Joe Manchin.

As we’ve seen time and time again, there’s no middle ground for many of these activist groups. The constant disruptions, destroying of ancient artifacts, blocking of roads — sometimes even to HOSPITALS are all part of their game plan. Many times it’s financially motivated, as I’ve extensively written about in the past.

A telling sign of how these protesters had no intention of any solution yesterday was when they refused to sit down with Manchin to air their grievances.

“Do you all want to sit down somewhere, so we can talk?” Manchin asked, to which one protester responded, “I’m not going to sit down.” Well, your buddy sure took a seat alright when he was leveled to the floor.

Senator Joe Manchin, by the way, is a Democrat. Based on some of the comments below, I’m pretty sure these climate people just got him more votes – including from Republicans.

This person freaking out at Manchin must be more of this #WhiteRuralRage I keep hearing about. Or perhaps: Environmentalism is a Fundamentalist Religion.

(Classical reference in headline.)