A few highlights before you click over.

• The first thing you’ll notice when you download and sort the expenditures of any politician running for reelection in a safe seat is how they use their campaign funds to supplement their lifestyles to a degree middle America could never dream of.

• What do I mean? Well, in 2023 alone, James spent over $28,500 on hotels. Over $15,000 of that was spent on luxury hotels in Puerto Rico.

• Then there’s the airfare. In the 5 years she’s been the New York State AG, James’ has spent over $84,000 on airfare to fly herself all over the country.

This includes private jet rentals.

• Tens of thousands spent on “office” at everywhere from Target to BJ’s wholesale.

Over $7,000 dropped at a nightclub in NYC and billed as “office.”

Wait until Mel gets to the part about the “ghost donors” making possible all this largesse.

You should also know that Mel — someone you’ve likely never heard of with the handle “Villagecrazylady” — is just one woman on Twitter, doing the job the entire mainstream media won’t do.

They can’t fail and fold hard enough, fast enough.