MR. PRESIDENT, WE MUST NOT ALLOW A PROGRESSIVE MEDIA GAP! Ex-MSNBC Mehdi Hasan Launching His Own Media Company to Fill Progressive ‘Gap in the Market.’

Former MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan is launching his own digital media company that he’s hoping will fill a “gap in the market.”

“No one really on the progressive left has been able to pull off anything similar,” Hasan told The Washington Post’s Jeremy Barr about the venture.

He added later that there is a “craving” and “gap in the market” he intends to fill.

“I believe there is a craving for media organizations that don’t shy away from saying the truth, even if it’s uncomfortable, even if it bothers people, even if it hinders access, even if it shakes the apple cart,” he said. “From a purely business perspective, there is a gap in the market.”

Because MSNBCNPRPBSCNNWAPONYTLAT are just all waaaaay too far to the right.