CHANGE: Self-checkouts are disappearing from retailers. Here’s why.

It’s the not-so-secret secret: retail chains are doing away with these lanes, and many do not want to talk about it.

In December, reported that Target quietly removed self-checkouts in San Francisco, calling it “a trend in ‘defensive retailing’ that may soon spread across the city.”

Other reports say Target, when it does allow self-checkout, is only doing so for customers with ten items or less. No more big carts full of items.

Other chains, including Costco, have been dealing with the issue, saying that “shrink,” or the measure by which chains track retail theft, has increased in part due to the rollout of self-checkout.

Target and Costco did not respond to questions regarding the issue.

Now, California crime trends may be proving too costly.

You can’t enjoy high-trust conveniences in low-trust societies.