BETTY VAN PATTER COULD NOT BE REACHED FOR COMMENT:  Uh … I’m not sure that we should be thrilled by this:  On Sunday, Assemblymember Mia Bonta (wife the the Attorney General and co-sponsor of ACA7) announced on Twitter/X that $1,250,000 of taxpayer money was going to the Huey P. Newton Foundation.

Seriously?  You mean the Huey P. Newton who repeatedly stabbed Odell Lee with a steak knife?  The Huey P. Newton who killed Oakland police officer John Frey and then bragged about it?  The one who almost certainly ordered the murder of Panther bookkeeper Betty van Patter, whose badly beaten body washed up on a San Francisco Bay beach five weeks later?  Is that the guy we’re talking about?

Are we talking about the one who “allegedly” shot 17-year-old Kathleen Smith, who lay in a coma for three months before dying of her wound?  Note the only reason I use the word “allegedly” is that Newton’s Panther thugs tried to kill the eyewitness, which caused the eyewitness to refuse to testify.

Oh … and is this the same Huey P. Newton who repeatedly raped Erika Huggins and threatened to harm her children if she spoke up?  Just asking …

This kind of thing makes me sick.  I can’t understand what makes people worship thugs.