JIM TREACHER: Don’t You Think He Looks Tired?

The media have been Biden’s faithful little lapdogs all along, giving him fawning, deferential coverage that belies his woeful popularity ratings. Hell, they even shut down a legitimate news story about his corrupt business dealings with his son, just to help get him elected.

But that attitude might be changing. It’s starting to sound like ol’ Joe has outlived his usefulness to the Democratic Party, and therefore the mainstream media.

Exit quote: “This is a problem that cannot be fixed. Biden cannot get younger.”

And there’s Biden’s strangely undisciplined comms team: Joe Biden Dragged For Bizarre Super Bowl Tweet. “Why, Joe? Why was this necessary? The Dark Brandon meme/identity is weird to begin with. The premise is that the President is some kind of villain capable of outwitting all his foes. Are we really sure that’s how the President should present himself to the world? As an unstoppable villain? We all know the answer is no. Furthermore, the situation is more ridiculous because everyone knows Joe Biden isn’t cooking up these tweets. His staffers are and for some reason, they chose this bizarre take instead of just a normal tweet.”