WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT RIGHTS GROUPS: Israeli forces rescued two hostages held in a Rafah apartment building. During the rescue, they came under heavy fire from neighboring apartment buildings housing many additional terrorists. Israel called in airstrikes against said buildings. So, inevitably: “Rights groups condemned the airstrikes on Rafah.”

And by the way, this is why you should care about this sort of thing, even if you are wholly uninterested in Israel or the Middle East. These purported “rights groups” want to impose rules on Israel that would make it impossible for Israel to successfully fight terrorism. And then once these rules get imposed on Israel, that will be precedent to impose them on the US, NATO, etc., so that no one in the West will be able to successfully fight terrorism. A while back, I thought about writing a book on this, with a title something like “Canary in Coal Mine: The NGO’s War Against Israel.” Maybe I should consider it again.