ITS ORIGIN AND PURPOSE, STILL A TOTAL MYSTERY: Joel Osteen Houston Megachurch shooting: What we know about woman who walked in with child and started firing. “The shooter used an AR-15 that had ‘Free Palestine’ written on it, according to a federal law enforcement source. Investigators are trying to sort out whether she was politically motivated or a disturbed individual, the source said.”

According to Andy Ngo, “She has been named as Genesse I. Moreno and her social media shows a history of leftist politics.”

UPDATE: Houston Police Announce Results of Their Investigation Into Church Shooter’s Pronouns. “The Houston Police have announced that through an investigation that included documents and interviews, they have determined that the shooter was a female Hispanic and will be referred to by she/her pronouns. This is all very confusing, but it seems that the police are deadnaming the dead would-be mass shooter.”

Better dead than rude.

MORE: Here’s Everything We Know About the Megachurch Shooter.

The now-deceased gunman who opened fire inside a famous Texas megachurch run by Joel Osteen Sunday afternoon has been identified as an identity-switching Hispanic woman with pro-Palestine, antisemitic beliefs.

36-year-old Genesse Ivonne Moreno, a biological female who used multiple male aliases, was wearing a trench coat when she entered the Houston-based Lakewood Church with two rifles, a backpack, and a young child by her side around 2 p.m. Sunday.

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Moreno’s Facebook page—which expressed leftist, anti-police views—has since been scrubbed. Moreno’s since-deleted Instagram account featured posts of her cleaning an AR-15 and donating money to Lakewood Church. There, she uploaded a screenshot of the contribution’s confirmation. “[A]s for me and my household…I will honor and bless my church,” Moreno wrote on Instagram.

In the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election, Moreno supported socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). “I WANT HIM IN THE OFFICE AS THE US PRESIDENT,” she wrote in an Instagram post, uploading a photograph of Sanders on the campaign trail.

Arrest records show she was an El Salvadoran immigrant.

Moreno had a violent, extensive criminal history stretching back to 2005, according to court records reviewed by Townhall. She was previously arrested for assaulting a public servant, assault causing bodily injury, forgery, theft for stealing cosmetics from a store, evading police, and unlawfully carrying a weapon, among a slew of charges on Moreno’s decades-old rap sheet.

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