OH, IT’S JUST A BUNCH OF CONSPIRACY NUTS, IGNORE THEM:  The Daily Caller put it best when :

“You don’t even need to look to the word ‘stolen’ — the election was rigged,” says just one of the many election watchers the Daily Caller interviewed who all came to the same conclusion.”

This trailer is for the sharpest, calmest, and most intelligent discussion about the 2020 election I’ve seen. Click on the image below to see the trailer.

Look, was there enough monkey business that provably swayed the election? I don’t know. But for a handful of invest elitists to encourage scoffing at even the most clinical look at the issue is the exact opposite of their alleged goal of “saving democracy.”

Election fraud is as old as the hills. Read Robert Caro’s outstanding trilogy about LBJ where he details many instances of mysterious boxes of ballots arriving at polling stations with just enough votes to get him into Congress.

My own grandmother was an alderman in Chicago during the Richard Daley years, and she’d laugh when regaling us with stories of police cars arriving with sacks of paper ballots that were dumped on her kitchen table. The cops would sit in the living room served coffee and babka while in the kitchen “Nanny” and her pals would make disqualifying marks on the ballots opposing whomever Daley wanted. Sadly, Mike Royko is not around to confirm this.

*DISCLOSURE: As a First Amendment lawyer, I did the pre-publication review of the full “Rigged” documentary for The Daily Caller. I can’t divulge any details, of course, but I can say it passed my heinously stringent standards with flying colors.