MEGYN KELLY: ‘I Can’t Stand the Sense of Entitlement:’ Megyn Slams Employee Who Filmed Herself Getting Laid Off in Viral Video.

Below is a portion of the exchange:

PIETSCH: I disagree that my performance hasn’t been– I haven’t met performance expectations, when I certainly have, just because haven’t closed anything officially.

HR REP: I hear you. Thank you.

PIETSCH: Also, why are you doing this and not my manager? We’ve never met, so this seems a little odd… Yeah, I would love like an explanation that makes sense…

HR REP: Just for clarification, you are not being singled out in this. Your peers are also being collectively assessed on performance. This is a collective calibration for Cloudfare…

PIETSCH: Well, yeah, no, can you explain for me why Brittany Pietsch if getting let go?

HR REP: I won’t be able to go into specifics for numbers.

PIETSCH: Wait, why though? I just started. I’ve been working extremely hard. Just because I haven’t closed anything, that has nothing to do with my performance… And so I really need an answer and an explanation as to why Brittany Pietsch is getting let go not why Cloudflare decided to hire too many people then are now actually realizing that they can’t afford this many people and they’re letting that go. If that’s the real answer, I would rather just you tell me that instead of making up some bullshit… It’s just very, very shocking. Very, very shocking. I have like really given my whole energy and life over the last four months to this job and to be like go for no reason is like a huge slap in the face from a company that I really wanted to believe in…

I have news for Brittany: It’s none of your f–king business. Unless you have an employment contract, I can fire you because I don’t like your ugly sweater. I don’t have to tell you why. Companies often don’t tell you ‘why’ these days because it just sets them up for a lawsuit. If you didn’t sign a deal promising you ongoing employment, you can be fired at any time unless it’s an unlawful reason like your age, your gender, or some other protected class.

You’re not calling the shots here, Brittany. You’re an employee. You don’t get an answer because you’ve demanded it from HR. I am sick of these young, entitled people trying to play the victim when something happens to them. This has happened to all of us in the course of our lives and we used to understand that it sucks, but I go on with my life.

The CEO of Cloudflare is making the rounds and doing plenty of damage control using the therapeutic language the 21st century outrage mob demands, but it will be interesting to see who hires Pietsch after she videotaped her layoff, grandstanded throughout it, and made herself go viral for 15 minutes.