ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: Alec Baldwin berated by group of pro-Palestinian protesters who flooded Grand Central, Penn Station: ‘Shut your f—kig mouth.’

Pro-Palestinian protesters targeted actor Alec Baldwin Monday evening as the “30 Rock” star suddenly appeared during a protest as hundreds of agitators flooded into Penn Station and Grand Central Station during a fiery demonstration where they told Israel to “go to hell.”

Hundreds of protesters targeted the major Big Apple transit hubs with some lambasting Baldwin and his “tanking” career while shouting up harsh slogans against Israel and President Biden during the protest opposing Israel’s military campaign in Gaza against Hamas.

Baldwin was walking by the demonstration near West 29th Street when protesters spotted him and darted toward him, accusing him of supporting Israel. A group berated Baldwin as cops stood between the group and the comedian, who was against a door.

Baldwin had no problem jawing back at them but was quickly met with the ire of the protesters.

“Shut your f—kig mouth, you have no f—king shame,” one man shouted back at Baldwin.

When he was asked if he supported Israel, Baldwin replied, “No, I support peace for Gaza.”

The confrontation ended when Baldwin was able to get through the door he was waiting in front of.

“Your career’s tanking by the way,” the man yelled as the door shut.

Insert Henry Kissinger’s Iran-Iraq War joke here.